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Industries Best Warranty
Industries Best Warranty
Turf Techs prides itself on being the best of the best. Part of holding up that commitment is standing behind our products. We offer the industries most comprehensive, most complete warranty available. Better than that, it is also 18 years long. Most other providers offer a 5 year or an 8 year warranty.
Superior Installation
Superior Installation
Our Installers are trained Turf Geeks. Artificial Grass and Synthetic Turf are not easy to install. There is a sophisticated process that must be followed precisely. If not, your turf will not only not look right, but it will also come up.
Most Affordable Turf
Most Affordable Turf
Our products are not only state of the art, they are also extremely cost effective. Turf Techs is about family. We work hard to provide you with the most affordable prices while offering the best products with the best warranties.
Real Client Testimonials
Real Client Testimonials
Turf Techs wants to make your home shine, the same thing we have been doing for years. We have over 20 years of combined experience in turf installation and home improvement services. We have over 75 years of combined customer service and technology experience. Together, Turf Techs is your premier choice for synthetic grass.

Why Choose Turf Techs? Simple. Our Technology.

turf techs

Turf Technology

Today’s synthetic turf feels anything like artificial grass. What makes one grade of turf better than the other is simply the technology utilized to create the blades. At Turf Techs, we specializes in synthetic grass. In fact, we are Synthetic Grass Geeks. If you want the highest quality, most cutting edge product lines available then call us today for a free consultation.

Forever Green Lawns

Nothing provides more of a “wow” factor to your home than a fresh, well maintained, lush green lawn and backyard. However, with global warming and severe droughts, keeping that lawn green just isn’t in the cards. Our Synthetic Turf Geeks, with the assistance of our Lawn Builder Program, helps select the turf that is best suited for you. Keeping your lawn green, all year long.

Synthetic Turf Science

Are you racking your brain, trying to weigh out the benefits between artificial grass and traditional grass? Look at it like this, what is more dependable, useful, and aesthetically beautiful, a cell phone from the 1980’s or a new iphone 7? Trust one of our trained Turf Tech Geeks to answer all of your questions. Our consultations are always free. Ask us about our state of the art Lawn Builder App.

Turf is affordable

Keep you money where it belongs… in your wallet. Our Lawn Builder Program will show you the math. Numbers do not lie. Synthetic Grass SAVES you money. Advance in agricultural science as well as computer engineering, has provided the technology necessary to develop realistic synthetic grass that not only looks and feel real, but is also DURABLE. No more replacing and re-sodding. No more dead, dry lawns.

we offer multiple turf PACKAGES

We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check out all of the packages and choose the right one for you.

Turf Tech Edition

Quality & Affordability

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  • Affordability
  • Same Day Install
  • Multiple Product Choices
  • Durability
  • Warranty
Turf Tech Edition

Premium Edition

High End Grade Turf

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  • Engineered Blades
  • Large Product Line
  • Fast Install
  • Multiple Colors
  • Full Warranty
Premium Edition

Beverly Hills Edition

Luxury Meets Technology

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  • Highest Quality Blades
  • Feels and Acts Real
  • Multiple Styles & Feels
  • Pet & Kid Play Friendly
  • 18 Year Warranty
Luxury Edition

Custom Synthetic Turf

Custom Turf Designed For You

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  • Custom Turf & Installs
  • Great For Backyards & Pools
  • Custom Installation
  • Maximum Durability
  • Special Warranty & Services
Custom TUrf

turf techs guarentess the best price with the longest product warranties

Turf Techs has over 20 years of combined landscaping and artificial turf experience. We are the Synthetic Grass Geeks.
100% Across The Board

If you are considering installing synthetic turf, you have come to the right website. Turf Techs is a cutting edge provider or artificial turf grass, as well as other innovative home improvement products. What separates us from our competition is our wide array of technologically advanced, high quality turf. Our installs are also second to none. Our trained Turf Technicians are Synthetic Turf Geeks. Your install will be done professionally and timely. Ask us about our Lawn Builder App.

  • Professional Installers

    Our Installers are highly trained and skilled in all of the areas related to your install.

  • Turf Guru's

    We are synthetic turf NERDS. Knowledge is key. Understanding which turf is best for you is important. Ask us about our Lawn Builder Technology.

  • 18 Year Warranty

    You wont find a better, more comprehensive warranty out there. We believe in our install and product quality so much, that we stand behind our turf for 18 years.

  • Superior Service

    We do not have Sales Reps. We have Synthetic Turf Techs. Let us answer all of your questions. Turf Techs takes the time to educate our clients about every facet of turf.

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